Sometimes Less is More!

Less is More

Once I asked my maid whether she is willing to work at an Ayurveda clinic. I used to go for a treatment to this clinic and I personally knew all the staff there. We had become friends over a period of time and that’s how they had assigned me the task of finding a maid and i could not find anyone better than my own maid.

I: Mavshi, there is this clinic near Yogi Nagar. They are looking for someone who can work for them. There won’t be much work. Just sweeping and mopping twice a day, washing utensils of kadha (medicines) and wiping the treatment beds and cleaning the bathroom at the end of the day. Would you like to work there?

Maid: No!

I was super surprised to hear a plain No from her. I tried to persuade her.

I: Are Mavshi, they are going to pay well. 6000 Rs a month. You can leave all your jobs and just do this one, you will earn more. If you want you can keep couple of your current jobs to do in the evenings, it will add to your income. Plus it is close by. You wont have to roam around in sun trying to reach from one house to other house. They are also providing tea and snacks daily.

Maid: No, i don’t want to work there.

I: Why not? Give it a thought please. You will earn a lot more with lesser efforts than you have to take right now.

Maid: I don’t want more money. I like working at my current households. They are dependent on me. They don’t find a replacement even if I take a week long leave or fall sick. They never treat me badly.  I am happy with my work. Money is important, but not everything. Most of these households have helped me during my financial crisis, I can’t leave them for a few thousands extra. I owe them my loyalty.

I was astounded with her reply. She had a beautiful thinking. I was wondering that this woman who is barely able to make ends meet is so contended and happy and what’s wrong with me? Most of us are never satisfied with the progress that we make, the more and more money that we earn. We are always running behind materialistic things. If i compare myself to her, I have a lot more money (Thank God!), lot more luxuries (Thank God!), lot more education (Thank God!) than my maid but if I compare happiness, i think she is way happier than me.

What i realized was, her’s is a small world. There is no entry for unnecessary things (read luxuries) in her life. She is very clear with the distinction between necessity and luxuries of life. And hence, her life is full of happiness and satisfaction. She has lesser necessities and more happiness.

Sometimes, Less is More, isn’t it? 🙂

4 thoughts on “Sometimes Less is More!

  1. I strongly agree. It’s all about priorities, Aditi. Your priorities may be different from hers, at the end of the day, all we are doing is trying to keep ourselves whether its earning a lakh a month or 6000 a month, if you’re happy what you’re doing, so be it 🙂

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