The other day i was training a batch of 30 odd financial analysts on Planning and Organizing Excellence and i was surprised to see that less than 10% of them knew what is Procrastination.

Do you know what is procrastination? We practice it daily. It is nothing but delaying the activity inspite of having all the resources that are required to complete it.

“Abhi nahi yaar.. baad mein karte hain” is procrastination

It is a very common but very hazardous practice because it facilitates laziness and puts you in a firefighting situation later on when the activity becomes extremely urgent.

Most of us must have procrastinated our assignments during college days. And then what happened? You stay up the whole night prior to deadline and scrape through.

Everybody is born with procrastination ability and hence it is a skill to overcome it. We must unlearn procrastination and must act upon thing immediately.

So next time you see newspaper lying on the floor dont delay picking it up and putting at the right place. All such small activities when done then and tgere will help you to streamline your activities thus giving you some free time which you can utilise for hobbies or some other work.

Procrastination hampers your relations too. If something needs to be discussed and you may not be liking to do so, just go ahead and do it. Timely discussions and clarifications help lot of relationships from damaging. If you need to apologise, do it right away, it will revive your relationship. If you need to say I LOVE YOU, say it immediately dont wait for the right time to come.

Here is a motivational video on procrastination

Bobby was a Great Procrastinator

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