Get Rid of Monday Blues!


Most of us suffer from Monday Blues and thus make the first day of the week really boring! I love this Minion who asks to pretend like it is not a Monday, genius he is! But only if that worked!!!

I can never not forget that it’s a Monday, so Minion’s tip doesn’t help me, but here are 5 ways to get rid of Monday Blues:

  • Have a sumptuous and tasty breakfast: Treat yourself to a yummy breakfast that fills your tummy. Don’t watch out for calories on Monday, if you feel like grabbing an aloo parantha topped with butter or a grill cheese sandwhich, don’t stop yourself.
  • Dressup: Wear a nice outfit that makes you look beautiful and confident. Sport some accessories which otherwise you would wear only on occasion. Wear a nice perfume, something different than what you usually wear.
  • Makeup: Put on that electric blue mascara or a neon coloured nail paint. If you are a guy, shave clean and apply a nice after shave. May be the guys can consider change in hairstyle or beard?
  • Music Therapy: Listen to your favourite song in the morning. Love songs often do wonders to the mood but may not work with all and with others – not always. Try some dance numbers which will get you into a chirpy mood
  • Favourite Person: Talk to your favourite person. If he is not around, call him up, have a long talk. Your mood is sure to set right.

Hope some of these tips with you too, Happy Monday!!


PS: I have Monday blues practically every week, you can read more here

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