‘Yes, I know you!’ Challenge


Pooja came up with this super cute challenge and tagged me for it! It is very unique and cute. All that you have to do is write on 5 things that your friend will be carrying in his/her bag. That’s a cool way to show how much do you know your friend! (Well, there could be many other ways, but nothing beats this in regards to cuteness :))

So I have to respond to Pooja stating 5 things she would always carry in her bag and to keep this chain going, I will tag another friend.

Ok Pooja, here you go! BTW- Pooja managed to score 4/5 when she guessed the 5 things I always carry in my bag. you must take a look at her post

  1. Lispsticks: Like me, Pooja loves lipsticks too. She will always have a lipstick in a shade of pink in her bag
  2. Comb: Pooja likes to dressup and the comb is a MUST!
  3. Deo: Pooja is very particular about the fragrance, she will always carry a mild deo with her.
  4. Phone: Phone is her life, so obviously, she has to have it in her bag
  5. Earphones: She has some special memories with earphones 😉 so she always carries them!

Hope i got all of them right Poo! ❤

Here, I tag Savio to take this challenge further. Savio, you can choose any of your blogger friend and keep this chain going.

Savio is a blogger friend, very witty and from some conversations that we have had, I think I would know at least a few things (if not 5) that he would always carry with him.

So, here you go Savio,

  1. Kerchief: I am sure you must be carrying a kercheif, and if you arent, let me tell you you are missing a probability of pretty girl asking you for one!
  2. Wallet: A must have, right?
  3. Phone: Can’t do without it , very useful thing in general
  4. Pen: I am guessing that you carry one because you are in a teaching profession
  5. Rosary: I think you must be carrying one always, not sure.

Hope you enjoyed this fun game! Have fun guys and pass it on!!


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