The Minty Memory


It was just another boring day at work and I was struggling to be awake! The remedy that always works for me when I am sleepy is MINT. I normally keep a packet of mint flavoured gum. I pop one whenever i am sleepy or bored.

Today I had run out of the gum and because I needed on desperately i walked to the cafeteria and got a fancy looking Wrigley’s Doubleminnt, thinking it was a gum but it turned out to be just mint candies or you can call it dots. I loved them so much that i kept popping on after the other and almost finished the whole pack! 🙂

It brought back memories from childhood – we used to pop mint candies for the minty taste and feel in the throat and would drink water over it just to feel the coldness of the otherwise normal water 🙂 Silly, but it was funny. Having no knowledge about menthol and its properties, we used to think mint candies are magical because they convert normal water to cold water.

The mint and the memory cracked me up in no time and washed away all my boredom. Now I feel charged up to work!

Happy Working!

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