The Race called Bandwagon Effect

Investopedia defines bandwagoneffect as “The psychological phenomenon in which people do something primarily because other people are doing it, regardless of their own beliefs, which they may ignore or over-ride.” We all have been a victim to bandwagon atleast once in our life time, havent we?

While the bandwagon effect is commonly seen in the share markets, betting over a sports match and the political elections, it is also very abundantly followed in our day to day life.

We make many decisions because everybody else is doing the same. Most of us try and upgrade our lifestyle because all others around us are doing that. Its cool to follow the trend, thats what we feel, dont we?  We buy expensive gadgets and lot other fancy stuff which we dont really need but others are buying so we feel it is important for us too.

What irks me the most is this bandwagon effect is seen not only in the materialistic aspect of life but also in the emotional aspect. Today, a school girl not having a boyfriend is looked down upon. There are so many romantic relationships which happen just out of bandwagon… something like.. all my friends have a boy friend.. so i should also have one! Really??

Parents think that their child should also become an engineer or a doctor when he grows old because all other intelligent children are going to become that. This mentality has refrained the other professions in arts, music, theatre to get their due importance!

Where are we heading to in this bandwagon race? Eventually we lose the discretion to identify what we need v/s what we dont and what we think v/s others, we just tend to follow the crowd in almost everything that we do.

Why do we give up on our choices and opinions so easily? And what sense does it make to do something because a tom, dick or a harry is doing that?


P.s: You can read here the origin of this concept.

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6 thoughts on “The Race called Bandwagon Effect

  1. I was expecting physics here. But ended up learning something new. The example used regarding boyfriends and girlfriends, it’s the most apt one. And like you said, the effect is being utilised for the wrong reasons.

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