One Day Patriotism?


26th January – The world knows it as the Republic Day of India.

What is our understanding of this day? What do we do on Republic Day? We celebrate it by hoisting the Flag of India at every nook and corner of the country and ispirational speeches are given by anybody and everybody. Patriotic songs are played very loudly on loudspeakers for a couple of hours, refreshments are arranged for and everybody disperses to enjoy the national holiday.

What are we doing really? Is that all what is the importance of this day? Do we even recollect what the historical importance of this day is? We merely treat this day as any other fun day because it is a national holiday. Only in addition, we may feel a little patriotic. And how do we express that patriotism? By changing dp’s to National Flag? By sending forwarded messages? By playing patriotic songs loudly? By wishing each other “Happy Republic Day”?

Why all this only for a day? And what do we achieve by doing all this? According to me, if we really want to be patriotic, we should respect our country more. We should work for our country more. Stop making the country dirty by spitting and littering around. Stop abusing and assaulting women. Fight agiainst child labour and human traffiking. Stand up against corruption. And we must do all of this on all 365 days! Only “feeling” patriotic is no good, “doing” something patriotic is what matters.

Lets come together and bring a change. Lets pledge to change atleast one thing that will make a difference to the country. I pledge to keep my country clean. I pledge to help less privileged citizens of this country.

What do you pledge for?

P.S: For those who would like to revise the historical imporatance for this day, please read the material on this link

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