Book Review: Its All In The Planet’s


Dear friends, i read this book for Pooja out of a pact that we made for reading at least one book each month and posting a review about the same. This month on the recommendation of Pooja, i read Its All In The Planets by Preeti Shenoy.

Little about the story: Its about Aniket and Nidhi who are destined to be with other in spite of being in a commited relationship already with their respective partners. The story is all about how these guys meet each other, become friends and eventually realise they are so much in love! Simple it sounds, doesnt it? So the author tries best to add complications in the form of troubled relationships these guys already have with their partners. Very common plot!

My take on the book: It is boring, really, until page 205, it is really really boring. The story is not gripping enough since the plot is very common. Whats more boring is the style Preeti has narrated it. It feels like you keep on reading and the story doesnt move ahead! She has made a unique attempt to link each chapter to the day’s forecast based on the zodiac sign of the character who is describing the story. But it is very boring to see how she has interlinked the chapters. Meaning, Nidhi’s chapter ends and when Aniket’s chapter begins he describes from his point of view what Nidhi has already described in the earlier chapter. There is no value addition to this connect, infact its a repetition. You can easily give a pass to first paragraph of every second chapter in the book. The character of Nidhi is potrayed to be way to immature and seems to be a lost soul. The trouble that is shown in her relationship with her fiance Manoj looks to be self invited and can make u feel for Manoj at one point in time! The fights that are shown between them are really silly and i doubt if someone could really be so silly in the real life. God help those who have witnessed such people in real! Nidhi is shown as a pottery teacher as well as a content writer and a blogger. Her blogs in the book are absolutely mediocre,  we have better talnet here on wordpress. What i liked about the book is it does get a twist and the badly needed momentum from page no 206 but that is too late because the book ends on page 304! This last part is worked upon well, is very interesting and very well narrated. I wish Preeti had managed to do so right through the beginning. I am not going to mention what the twist is because some of you may want to read the book! I liked the character of Subbu the best. His funny way of describing real life situations in computer language is really entertaining. There is nothing much that is worth a mention for this book and its definitely not a book which will make a space for itself on my bookshelf.

Rating: I give this book 2 on 5 just because it gets very interesting atleast in the end and I am sure Preeti must have made lot of efforts for penning down this story.

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