By God’s Grace

2014: A 17 year old becomes a victim to acid attack by her own brother-in-law. It was a case of mistaken identity where her brother-in-law thought it was her sister and threw acid on her face. It almost turned the whole world dark for this young girl. You was shattered to see her face in the mirror post attack.

2016:She walks the ramp at New York Fashion Week, as gracefully as any other super model!

Reshma Qureshi was blessed with God’s grace for having survived the acid attack, but kudos to her strength, will power and all the efforts she made to stand up again! The two years in between, I am sure, must have been hell for Reshma but as strong as she is, she grabbed the support that was offered to her in the form of counselling for depression and other heath treatments and started to re-live her life.

You are an inspiration Reshma!

You can read her story here

via Photo Challenge: Graceful

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