Two Weeks of 2017

While i still feel that we just started with the new year we are actually done with first 2 weeks already! What did i do? I think nothing.. yeah.. nothing really.. i dont recollect having used 2017 even while writing the date πŸ€”


Did you do anything worthwhile?

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18 thoughts on “Two Weeks of 2017

  1. Thanks to our PM’s demonetization, savings were forced out of me too. It’s been just two weeks but I feel as if a month is over. On 1st Jan, we wish a lot of people and they wish back and next day we are the usual self again. I had exams so I had to write the date and surprisingly I wrote 2015!!! Fortunately I wrote correct answers.

  2. 1. I gained. (Which must be a win, since I got something)
    2. I did learn that it has already been 2 weeks. :O :O :O
    3. I forgot the concept of saving, or also what it even means. 😦
    4. I don’t want to embarrass myself anymore. πŸ˜›

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