Thank You Mr Right! Part III

You may want to read Part I & Part II before proceeding.


3 Days later:

“I am glad that you agreed to meet me Sona” Pranay said taking Sanika’s hand in his.

“You can call me Sanika!” said Sanika firmly, taking her hand away from his grip.

“Okkk!!! Easy, easy” Pranay tried to make peace after understanding that Sanika is in no mood to talk any lovey dovey things.

“Can we come straight to the point please? Why have you called me here?” demanded Sanika

“I wanted to meet you Sanika. It’s been ages! I wanted to see how my Sona is doing.”

“Pranay, I reiterate, please call me Sanika. I am not Sona anymore!”

“Has everything changed Sanika?”

“Yes, of course!”

“Come on, we have fought even before, but we have always patched up, haven’t we?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, Sanika, I don’t want to lose you again. You have no clue how madly I have tried to connect to you! You had blocked me from all social media, you never answered my calls, I tried calling you from different numbers but no luck! That day when I saw you on the metro, I was soooooo happy to see you Sanika. You can’t imagine how I have managed to trace you in this country!”

“So, you were stalking me since that day?” asked Sanika sternly looking straight into his eyes

“Nooooooo… well, yes!” said Pranay sheepishly.

“Sanika, I know that even you are happy to meet me!”

“Who said?”

“I just know Sanika! I just know!!”

“How did you manage to find me after that day?”

“I saw your company’s logo on the backpack you were carrying. It was obvious that you must be put up in a hotel close to the company’s office. A little inquiry here and there and I found out where you are staying. I used to hang around the place every evening and I saw that you would go to the pub every night. Finally, last Friday I gathered some courage to enter the same pub and I had planned to face you there. I saw you at the bar counter. You looked beautiful as always! I was about to reach the counter but saw you getting up and going somewhere. I followed you. I could make out that you were heavily drunk. Suddenly you disappeared in the crowd. I went berserk! Soon, I saw a group of people gathering near a wall. I rushed there and I saw what I was afraid of! I saw you lying there, unconscious! I picked you up and took you to your hotel. I ensured that you were safe in your bed and I left the place. I had given my card to the hotel manager to give you!”

“Yeah, thank you so much Pranay, really!”

“Thank you? That’s all I get?”

“Yes Pranay! What else do you expect?”

“I want you back Sanika”

“That’s not possible”

“It is possible! It will be a little tough, but it will be possible.”

“Excuse me, are you kidding me?”

“Absolutely not Sanika! I mean it damn it!”

“It’s too late Pranay”

“Better late than never!”

“It’s not possible and you can’t force me!”

“I am not forcing you Sanika. I just know that you are willing to come back to me. I see it in your eyes. I can understand you very well even now! That day, you lied to me on the metro! You were not going to meet any friend for dinner. You just wanted to run away from me. You were rubbing your temples with the index finger when you told me you are getting down from the metro, you still do that when you lie! I understand you well Sanika, don’t I? I know you inside out Sanika. Trust me I will treat you well this time. I won’t give you a chance to complain..”

“Shhhh… Pranay, calm down, please. First, you are right, I lied to you that day. Second, you may be understanding me well even today, but Pranay, I don’t want to come back to you! Do you understand what I am saying? I DON’T WANT TO COME BACK TO YOU! “

“Sanika, I am sorry, I was a fool to let you go that time. I can’t repeat the mistake! I don’t want to lose you again” pleaded Pranay.

“You have lost me long time back dude. I belong to someone else now!”

“Why the hell did you come to meet me then??” Pranay asked angrily, banging his fist on the table.

Calm as she always was, Sanika replied firmly “Because I wanted to overcome my guilt, my fear! Ever since you dumped me, I feared of any relationship. I feared that I will never be loved. This fear was so deep that in spite of meeting a person who loves me to the core, I feared that someday he will dump me. We got married later on. Fear started taking a back seat and guilt started taking over. I was guilty that in spite of having a husband who is just perfect, I would still secretly think about you often, in ways like, its Pranay’s bday, oh, this is Pranay’s favourite colour, Pranay’s favourite dish and what not. After few years, we were blessed with a princess. Life was beautiful again. But I would often think about how the things would have been if you had not dumped me. You had made such a deep impact on me. I feared all my life until now that someday, this impact will show up and will spoil my marriage. I was groped by fear and guilt at the same time.To add to the turmoil, I happened to meet you on the metro that day. Althoug I ran away from facing you, I was very very disturbed by this meeting. It brought back all the memories I tried forgetting all these years. I couldn’t take this burden for long. And I gathered some courage and planned to face you today! If I am able to walk away from you today, there will be no looking back. I shall be free of guilt of having you on my mind and also from the fear of you spoiling my present relationships. For now, Mr Right is with me. I wanted to meet you to thank you for everything that you did to me! I am a stronger person today. I now know what relationships are really.

Sanika took Pranay’s hand in both her hands, pressed it gently and said “Thank you & Goodluck!”

She gracefully rose from the seat and walked away quietly. Pranay kept looking at her till she disappeared.

Sanika got into her car and typed a message:

“Thank you Mr Right! You rock, as always. You are my knight in shining armour. I don’t know what I would have done, if you were not around to guide me at every step! Love you to the moon and back”

That was her response to Atul’s message she had received a day after they argued over the video call. The message said

Sanu, I am sorry, I was a bit upset with you. It’s ok to have memories and we must live with them but we must ensure that these memories don’t spoil our present and future. I trust you fully and I KNOW you haven’t cheated on me. I just want you to do one thing. Please go and meet Pranay. Yeah, I want you to go and face him. Have a heart to heart talk. That is the only way to come over your guilt and fear you told me about. I trust the love between us and I am confident that there is nothing in this world that can keep you away from me. Just go and face him Sanu. I will be waiting to hear from you

No sooner did Sanika reply, she received another message from Atul

“Thank God! 2 days was a long wait. I thought I lost you! But since I know that you are a bit delayed, differently abled child of mine, I decided to wait. You did it girl! I love you more! 😛 😛 :P”

Sanika was quick to respond “Yeah, yeah.. call me a retard like always! Nevermind, I still love you!”

Atul’s reply: “Tedha hain par mera hain!! 😉 😉 ;)”

……… And they lived happily ever after! ❤ <3<3

Relationships are all about trust! Trust can make you and your relationship stronger. Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships. You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes, you just need to breathe, trust, let go and see what happens!

14 thoughts on “Thank You Mr Right! Part III

  1. Wish I would have met with you earlier Aditi… I mean… for this write up to be somehow on Candles Online… I would love to know about it more as you give me a piece of information earlier… If you can write a article on this… Like we would discuss definitely… I am already thinking about a topic which we can have one week…

    About this story, WOW!!! Lovely! Each part has its own beautiful endings… You made it beautiful with your well handled emotions and sensitively portrayed the character of Sanika.

    Thoroughly enjoyed it.

    • Thank you so much Chiradeep! Must, say you have immense patience to read to through my stories! Thank you for the appreciation, you can use this story to be published on Candles Online as a reblog, it will be a pot of fortune for me 🙂

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