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So far we have received 25 entries for expressing interest to attend this carnival. Thank you for the amazing response, 25 is a very good number to begin with.

Next step is to co-ordinate and customize the meet depending upon the suggestions received from you all. For this, may I ask you all to provide your contact numbers so that we can create a whatsapp group? You can email me you contact number at

Any better idea for co-ordination is welcome!


19 thoughts on “BLOGGERS CARNIVAL!

    • We are planning a meet for wordpress bloggers where we can get to know each other, learn something from each other, share amd have fun! If you are interested u can email me ur contact number and i will add u in the whatsapp group

      • will keep you posted,am always travelling but if you can tell me when its happpening,I’ll try and be there

      • Sure… the date is not fixed yet but will be finalised considering the availability of people who have expressed interest. I will be posting updates about this on my blog too. We are looking at March.

      • ok sounds good but then my butthead boss sends me travelling around the place, so am always moving

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