Molestation – Touch and Go!

Today molestation litrally is touch and go! Men touch women as they please and just go. They go free, at bay and enjoy their life. . Yeah, that simple!
Many of them probably challenge their own limits and do yet another touch and go episode soon after. There are infinite cases world wide where molestation is reported. Before totting the globe with this issue I want to talk about India, my own country.

Where are we heading to guys? I mean we are in the 21st century where we are supposed to bring pride to the country and what are we doing? Creating more shit? Bengaluru molestation is a burning issuse right now. Two days later some other incident will be reported from yet another state and this will continue. It always has! And what do we do? Nothing? Yeah, nothing at all! We will read newspaper, watch news channels and someone like me will write a blog about these events. Huh! Lame, arent we?

On the other side, the victims will undergo medical treatments to recover the physical and mental damage and the accused will roam around free with a sense of accomplishment. More importantly, the accused will not fail to make some hedious comments regarding the victim saying that she was wearing a short dress, she provoked me, her gestures were inviting blah blah and blah. Really? The worst part is our judiciary system buys these comments. Hats off man, seriously.

Why is it assumed that girl is inviting disgrace by wearing short dresses? I mean, i understand the law of attraction works real strong in such cases but what makes men to want to see or do more than the girl is willing to. Is that girl your property to handle as you please? And even if she was, WHY??

Stop blaming girls for the unmanageable quantum of lust you carry. Instead manage your hormones please! Did your parents teach you to pounce upon a girl if she is wearing a short dress? Or did any religion teach you that?
Agreed that Indian culture does not embrace short dresses but does it empower you to such inhuman acts?
Stop treating women as an object of lust, for God’s sake. Accused in such crimes worship Goddess Durga and at the same time disgrace the human form of the same Goddess? How? And Why?
I fail to get answers to these questions that pound my mind all the time. Like always, i will end up being more cautious about what i wear and how i gesture and where i party and at what hour. Tomorrow if i have a daughter i will have to teach her the same thing unfortunately. But if I have a son, I will have a great job to do!

I wish to see and live a day when a female is as strong as shown in the picture below.


Is there nothing that we can do to let women live freely? Is there nothing that we can do for a better tomorrow?

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7 thoughts on “Molestation – Touch and Go!

  1. Sadly we are citizens of a country where crime is celebrated by the media and vague reasons catch attention. It is sad. People end up saying that these a usual happenings and forget them when a new crime gets popular. I agree with you saying that a mother has more work to do if she has a son! Habits develop over years and they must be killed at the roots. It’s time we gave importance to our culture than follow filthy modern ideologies. And yes! We see through our eyes but we must be mature enough to choose what we want to see.

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