I came across this very interesting picture on internet. Read on to find out my interpretation of this picture


According to me… this guy in the picture is not a dad to these cuties. I think he is babysitting babies from the neighbourhood in order to collect enough money to take his girlfriend out in the evening.

Now as clear as it is that this guy is not used to handle babies i think he is playing safe by naming babies so that he can hand over the correct baby to its own parents πŸ˜„

Or may be he will decide his charges for babysitting depending on how much the baby is shitting that day 😝 so.. we can also caption this picture as babyshitting πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ

What do you think of this picture? Do share your views!!

This is in response to the Daily Post: Names

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15 thoughts on “Names

  1. There would be two options I’d consider! The first one would be,”The man represents us and the four children the issues we face in life. Some issues are easily solved(the babies away from him). While some don’t leave us easily(the child holding his leg). So! We need to set our priorities right by managing them rightly. Like he’s naming them.”

  2. It’s no easy task handling 4 babies and that too at one go…but at least the man has got a plan! No idea what it is..but he seems to be doing alright for the time being. That baby clutching on to his leg is cute…actually all are. The man does seem to have everything other control n not too stressed out 😁😁

  3. Well if you want to caption this as “babyshitting” then one logical explanation for what that guy’s doing, stands out… He’s marking the time since the last poop so he’ll know who’s next (though babies don’t have a pattern, at least he’s ready, kind of).
    You could also have had symbolism built in – how to deal with s**t in our lives. But the pic has babies in it so the metaphor isn’t appropriate…

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