Today WordPress is more of a family and it is fun to catch-up with the family, isn’t it?


Let’s meet-up, exchange ideas, share inspiration and have fun!

Savio and I are planning to organize a day long meet for WordPress bloggers

At Bloggers Carnival you will:

  • Meet fellow bloggers: We know each other via comments and likes, but Bloggers Carnival provides an opportunity to meet every one in person! It will be great to meet and greet you all guys!
  • Hear achievements: We want the participants to share their achievements, their experience about blogging or professional writing. You can showcase and promote your work that is published. We are seeking voluntary nominations for this section.
  • Inspiration & Mentoring: We have many seasoned bloggers in our family and would want them to share their expertise on any topics related to blogging, like blogging traffic, blogging monetization etc, thus helping newbies with focused blogging. Voluntary nominations are welcome.
  • Games & Fun Activities: We will end the day on a happy note with some games and fun activities.

There will be a nominal participation fee but we shall ensure that you take away a lot more worth from this program!

We are looking forward to have this event in the month of May. Anyone who is interested can leave in a comment “Interested” and of course share a feedback regarding venue and schedule of this program.

Help us promote this event by re-blogging this post and tagging the blogger family.

Your response shall help us carve out this event & logistics in detail. For any queries, you can reach me at

Let’s come together and share, learn and have fun!!!

24 thoughts on “BLOGGERS CARNIVAL!

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  2. I am an Indian Author from Ludhiana , but presently in Chicago , USA . I suggest that Bloggers meet be in Ludhiana or any place in Punjab . Can we invite our Readers also to join the fun ? I have readers in 16 countries , 118 libraries in India , 3 in USA :
    Book : Journey from Guwahati to Machhiwara .

    • Hi Rajiv, going by the numbers, the most likely place is going to be Mumbai since majority of the bloggers have opted for that. I will keep you posted about inviting readers. Hope to see u at the bloggers meet!

  3. Reblogged this on A Bit of Wisdom & A Bit of Play! and commented:

    Hello Everyone! I want to thank you all those who expressed interest for this event.
    We have 25 family members who are interested to attend this carnival. And from the majority of the views, Mumbai is going to be the place for this meet!
    So, we move a block ahead – We now know that the Venue is going to be Mumbai.

    We are now open to feedback regarding what you will like to do during this event. You will find some plans in the post that I have reblogged, but that is just an outline. With your valuable suggestions, we can recraft the agenda for this carnival and make it more interesting.

    So.. What are you waiting for! Go ahead and type your views in the comment section. You can also write to me at for any additional queries/suggestions that you may have!

    And last but not the least, Anybody who hasnt expressed interest yet, please do no hesitate to do so now!

    Looking forward to your support for making this even successful!

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