Such Is Life!


How true is that? Most of the times we always crib and complain about how hard or unfair the life is, but we forget that there are people who are more unfortunate than us. There are people who are in much more miserable state than us.

Treat life wisely, appreciate what it has given you. If you are cursing it for the hardships it has given you, then you are going to hear those curses for yourself in an echo.

Instead, thank God for blessing you with all the good things and comforts. If we start counting  we had realize that good things actually out number the bad ones. Its up to us what we should focus on! Its up to us whether to fill in our life with positive attitude or pour in negative feelings all the time.

Lou Holtz  had got it right. He says:

“Life is 10% what happens to you & 90% how you respond to it”

I take your leave with this food for thought today. Any comments/opinions are appreciated.

Have a nice day!



9 thoughts on “Such Is Life!

  1. True! Human beings are all about being unsatisfied. If only we learned to be appreciative and satisfied with the good and only bother about changing the bad, this planet could be renamed to Heaven! But this is life and realisations are always late. Wonderfully written Aditi!

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