Pictures Talk!!

Since we are drawing close to the end of 2016, I want to utilize the remaining days to complete all the challenges/tags/awards that i missed to respond to in this year. I am sorry if I do not capture your nomination even i coming days but I am going to try and respond to all the pending ones.

So here’s the one I had got from Pooja where she had asked me write about the pictures that I like and write my own thoughts on the same. So.. off to the pictures…

Be Calm: It is very important to learn to be calm. Life throws challenges at you, but if you remain calm you are better able to think about how to face those challenges. It is common that most of us shall panic in difficult situations, but instead if we stay calm, we allow our mind to function more logically and are better able to solve the problem rater than cribbing and crying about why did the problem happened in the first place. Calmness is often mistaken as “It doesn’t matter to me” or “Are you stone-hearted that you do no react?” type comments, but i think ignoring these make sense. You have to be calm even after getting to here such comments. People who are calm have an aura around them which reflects positive vibes.


Don’t drag the fights: Remember when we were kids we used to fight and the very next moment we would be the best of friends again? Why do things change when we grow old? Why cant we forgive and forget? Why does ego grow bigger with our age? Most of us sulk over the fights and arguments with our loved ones, but is it really worth it? For all you know, we may never get a chance to patch up after a fight. So, please don’t fight or argue, and if it happens, please bury the fight before you sleep. No fight is worth spoiling the next day.


Be careful with who you confide in: Hell, yes! Because not everybody who lends you an ear is actually caring for you, most just need a topic to gossip about. There will be some who will be happy that you have some problems. Some cant wait to use your words against you. You are lucky if you have some good people who really care, like your family and closest friends, but not all may trustworthy. Being human, we all feel the need to vent out our feelings at one point of time, do it, but don’t open up 100% to any particular person. Not everyone needs to know everything that is happening in your life!


Timing is everything: Yes indeed! Timing is everything. Unless the time comes, it is not going to happen, how much ever you try! But that doesnt mean that you should get frustrated and stop trying. It will happen surely, when you are ready!


And some more pictures which send a message on their own, no need to explain!


Pictures do talk!

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