The Longest Two Minutes Ever!


One of our colleagues and her husband are the victims of the Robinson R44 chopper that crashed in Aarey Colony on December 11, 2016. They are survived by their 2 years old son and parents.

The longest two minutes of my life were today when we observed silence in the memory of our colleagues who passed away on 24th December because of the chopper crash.

Two minutes which otherwise are so quick to pass seemed to be an eternity because it was so difficult to reason and accept what has happened. My mind was cluttered with so many questions like, why this had to happen? why life is so unfair? Could it be God’s mistake to take these young souls away? Will their toddler even have any memory of them? Whose mistake was it? What their parents must be going through?

All the memories of her flashed through my mind in those two minutes. We used to board the same bus everyday and on many evenings we would walk home together until we reach her house. It never mattered if some day i didn’t see her in the bus because i trusted that she would be back the next day. But it is so hard to believe that I am not going to see her ever again! It never mattered if I didn’t speak to her in office, a smile and a Hi would just be fine, but it is so hard to accept that I will never get to smile at her again! The worst feeling is nothing can be reversed now  and the deepest regret will be that I could not do anything for her!

Life can be unfair. Be good, do good – Today! You may never get another chance.

Gone from our sight, but never from our Hearts – Brinda you will always be remembered.

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