Hands Up Tag


Savio is back with yet another crazy tag and i loved this one totally! The only rule for this tag is to list down 10 things you do with your hands and tag other people.

So here is my response to Hands Up Tag

  1. Eat – Well, this is the most important thing for me. I am quite a foodie and i love to eat with hands. I feel i do not get the real taste of food if I am eating with a spoon. My mom tells me that i would insist on eating food with my own hands even when I was really small.. like a year old! Well.. I am sure by doing so I must have given more work to my mom’s hands 🙂
  2. Hold/Hug – There is no better feeling in this world than to hold or hug the person you love, be it a small baby, your spouse, your parents, friends anybody really.
  3. Type – With smart phones and laptops ruling the world, all of us type more than we talk. I can type very fast.
  4. Poke – Hahahah… yes, i poke with my finger.. and it is really annoying to the person who gets poked. Well, i dont do it to all, only to those who hate it and that too, just some times.
  5. Cook/Bake – I cook decent food and bake some nice basic cakes.
  6. Shake Hands – I like to shake hands with a person when he/she is introduced to me for the first time
  7. Clap – I like to clap and applaud for the good things. Especially when I am playing with toddlers and they do something silly but feel they struck the moon 😀
  8. Craft – I create some craft items like home made cards for some one really special, decorate a wall-piece, mehendi etc
  9. Run fingers through hair – Well, this might sound a bit weird, but i like to run fingers through my hair, it calms me down. I also did that to my niece when i used to make her sleep. Now i do it to my husband, he loves to fall asleep that way <#
  10. Write – Of course, the most precious thing i do i write, and i love writing in diaries, loose paper sheets, hand made paper etc!

So what do you use your hands for? I nominate the following people:

Ronny Aditi Sharma Mahesh and Joel

Have fun with your hands 😉

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