Keys to Success


Almost all of us try to beat shit out of us to prove that we are successful, don’t we? But honestly how many of us really understand what we need to do in order to succeed? Usually we follow the bandwagon of trying to be on top, be it your job, social life or even how you dress up or look. If we are able to stay on top here, we feel we are successful? Really?

Well, for me the key to success is very simple. I have broken it down in parts. Each key will open a new door to success:

Key1: Be Modest – Modest people are respected the most. You will notice that higher the designation of a person, more modest he is. If you try to throw your weight around, people are not going to like you to be in their team as a boss or a subordinate.

Key2: Smart Work – With all due respect to the hard-work that most of us have put in early years of career, in today’s time hard-work is literally replaced by smart work. The simple example of Smart Work is updating yourself with the new technology and save manual hours and efforts by making use of that technology.

Key3: Own Errors – Errors are a part and parcel of any work process and being human it is absolutely alright to make errors, of course, you cant keep repeating it and also you need to be vigilant on the frequency of new errors too. What is important is whether you are able to take ownership of the error you made. Lot of people just love to push blame to the other team members but little do they realize that by doing so they are in fact climbing a step down from success.

Key4: Set your Own Goals – Goals are absolutely essential for achieving success. If our efforts are not driven by goals, they might just go hay wire. And the goals should be realistic. Often times we set more ambitious goals in order to beat colleagues, but what we should understand here is, its not about beating your colleague, its about how YOU are progressing and developing yourself. Chart out your priorities and work accordingly, let your colleagues be on their own!

Key5: Do not Compare – You cannot compare yourself with others all the time to prove that you are successful because at any point of time, there will be handful of people who will be better than you! Be content with your own progress and never get overwhelmed by the success of your colleagues.

Key6 : Yardstick – Have one, but strictly personal! Do not use somebody else’s. You will never be able to meet success if you are using someone else’s yardstick, because, his situation, resources and destiny could be different than yours

While Key5 & Key6 go hand in hand, the former is a qualitative parameter while latter is a quantitative one.

Success is completely a relative term, it shapes up the way you want to. Make the best out of it.



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