The Magic of Detox Water


I have this habit of drinking detox water every few days. It helps to control the body heat. Some say it also helps in weight loss but i am not 100% sure about it.

Well, what i was amused of was the reactions i recieved from many people when they see this drink in my hand. Today like usual i had filled my bottle with this detox water and i was passing by a colleague’s desk. She called me out to say:

“Hey.. that looks very refreshing! What all have you used?”

“Nothing much.. just cuccumber, lemon and mint in water” i said

Later in the day when i went to the pantry to refill my bottle i caught  a girl staring at me. She was quick to notice my puzzled look and replied “Actually your bottle looks very attractive. I was just checking what all you have used in water” I just smiled and happily explained.

Third time in the day when i had gone to refill my bottle our HR manager happened to spot this drink in my hand and very excitedly asked “Hey.. this looks very tempting.. what is this?” And i gladly explained the ingredients.

It seemed like my detox was spreding its magic all over!

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