Hope – A small but very intense and powerful word, isn’t it?

It is one thing that keeps us going for the rest of our life. It is one thing which makes us travel the toughest road and it is the only thing which stays with us right till the end!

Hope manifests itself in every human being.

That old lady abandoned in an old-age home who still waits eagerly for her son’s visit

That young man fighting cancer  wants to see his children grow

That girl with a broken heart still loves in the hope of being loved back

That pair of poor eyes watching beautiful clothing from outside the shop

We often say “Hope for the best” but do we really do it? I mean, i have seen people dying earlier than they actually do, only because they give up on hopes. Losing hope is like killing yourself.

Someone has got it right:

Hope – Sometimes that’s all that you have when you have nothing else.If you have it, you have everything!

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