The Futile Protest

via Daily Prompt: Protest


11:00 am (call)

He: Darling I am sorry; I didn’t mean it that way!

She: Whatever!

1:00 pm (Whats App)

He: Baby, please talk to me. I said I am sorry and I really mean it.

(Only blue ticks, no response)

8:00 pm (At home)

He: Honey, can I get something to eat please?

She: I didn’t make dinner for you today.

He: Whatttt? You want me to starve?? Come on, I have been apologizing since morning!!!

She: No need to starve. You can call for a pizza.

11:00 pm (On the bed)

He held her tightly in his arms, kissed her lips deeply and said “Baby, I am very very sorry. I love you with all my heart. Please don’t ignore me like this.”

Ignorance was her protest towards the fight they had had in the morning. But his bear hug just melted her, she could not protest any further.

“I love you too!”

And they locked lips again.

Love will always end the protest. Ego will nurture the same.

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