Celebrating The Little Things Tag


So.. this is yet another pending tag and Savio has tagged me into doing this. I liked the title Savio.. so i decided to do it in spite of being late by more than a month 😛

(a) Who was your very first follower? Tag them and give them a shout-out!

My very first follower was Sonia D’costa and wow, it made me so happy! She is a brilliant writer, a great mum and a fantastic teacher. Do stop by her blog, she writes about her hometown.

(b) What was the last milestone you reached?

Couple of weeks ago I crossed 100+ followers milestone. Thank you all for this love for me ❤ ❤

(c) What was your very first post about?

Well, I really had to go back and search for this one. I wrote this and another one i guess and then I just vanished for a year, or may be more. The first post was called Being Alone and here’s the link to it My First Blog 🙂

(d) Who is your most recent follower? Tag them and give them a shoutout!

My most recent follower is lafillemoche… Hi there! Thank you for following me. I will soon grab some time to read through your blog. Happy blogging! And to all other recent followers – I am sorry, I havent made time yet to follow you guys… but watchout for me coz m gonna do that soon!!

(e) What was your last post about? Tag the person who liked it first!

Here’s my last post – The Faded Photograph. It was inspired from the daily prompt Fade. It about memories which never fade. Please share your feedback – it is very valuable to me! And yes, Shubhankar Sharma was the first one to like this post. Thanks Shubankar 🙂

(f) How many months/years have you been blogging for?

Officailly 2 years – productively 1 year. Like i mentioned before i created this blog, made a couple of posts and vanished and it took me almost a year to make a comeback.

g) Have you met any blogger friends in person?

Yes, I have met Pooja, Preeti and Prajakta and would love to meet you all guys.

(h) Have you any social media related to your blog… Share it so we can … follow you…

WordPress!!!!!!! 🙂

Now to add to the celebration, I tag the following people

GingershoutsShaggyAditi Sharma, and Elaine

Have fun guys!


12 thoughts on “Celebrating The Little Things Tag

  1. Wow … Am I your first follower? I had absolutely no idea. Thanks a ton for all those lovely compliments and for tagging me. Loved reading this post. 🙂

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