Scared And How!

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All of us have some fear deep inside us don’t we? You know what my fear is all about? CAT! Yeah… its that small creature which many of adore.. CAT and i can already imagine most of you laughing at me for this!

But believe me, I am really really afraid of a Cat, especially if he starts getting to close to me! I start trembling and I feel like I am rooted into the ground. If no  one comes to my rescue my tears do not shy in making their own way out abundantly.

Read some funny incidents that I had with Cats

  1. A cat always used to sit outside my door. and He would sit so close that I couldn’t see him through the safety window but he would get pushed when i opened door. This was like a routine. If my husband was at home, he would shoo him away for me but most of the time he left for work before me. So now what to do! The fear that I have about this creature wouldn’t dare me step out right in front of him and I couldn’t sit at home because I had to go to work. Can you imagine what i used to do? I would call up my neighbor. He would come out of his house, shoo the cat away and wait there till i move out! Such a caring uncle he is! Old man, but very helpful.
  2. Once I was returning from work and the cat was sitting right in the middle of the main entrance to my building. I would just pass by him quickly but i noticed that he was playing with a soft-board pin. He was trying to eat that. Worried that the sharp and pointed object will hurt him, I want to take that away from him. But how? The fear that i have didnt allow me to step even a centimeter ahead. Can you imagine what did i do? I called out to the children playing nearby and told them to take it off. They gladly came to my rescue and took him away to play with them

There are many many more such incidents but these are the only two decent ones that I can share publicly 😛

I was really amazed by myself that how can such a small creature can scare me so much. So i looked up Google to see if this was abnormal. But to my relief i found that this fear is quite common. It is called as Ailurophobia. You can read more details here

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