Daily Prompt: Anticipation

via Daily Prompt: Anticipation


A Fortuneteller told a 80 yrs old man that he is going to die in a month’s time.

In Anticipation of death, sadness and fear groped him, tears rolled down his cheeks and with a heavy heart he said to himself “Countdown begins”

On first day of his countdown, he went to a 5 star hotel and ate his favorite lunch. First time ever without worrying how much it will cost.

Later, he went to the bank and checked how much money was left with him

Next day, he took all 8 grandchildren of his for a picnic, spent quality time with them. He felt like being a kid himself!

After some days, he called for all his children and gifted half of his wealth equally among them. He was happy that the children agreed to meet him first time after he insisted on coming back from the old age home. Only if he knew what made his children happy, he would have never had to go to the old age home. He felt satisfied that he could secure better future for his children before he breathed his last! Remaining half which he kept with himself was his house and some cash in his bank account.

Two days later, he gave all his expensive clothes to the needy. He was happy to be left with his favorite pair of trousers and a shirt. He wanted to wear the same when he would be buried.

After some days, he wrote his final will which stated that, upon his death all the money left in his bank shall be owned by his wife. His house shall be transferred to her too. He was not worried about his wife anymore! She was going to have her own house and children wouldn’t dump her as useless.

On the last day, he arranged a get-together for all his friends. They drank beer like they did when they were young. They went for a movie, checkedout girls, giggled over silly things.

That night he took his wife in his arms. Felt her wrinkled body for one last time. He planted a kiss (last one perhaps) on her cheek and went off to sleep snuggled in a blanket with her.

That night he slept peacefully. There were no regrets.

Next morning when his wife woke up she found a letter by her pillow.

“Bye Love! I will miss you. Be a good girl and don’t be in a rush to come back to me. I can wait for you till eternity! When you feel you are ready to come to me, please be sure to donate this house to the Old Age Home we eloped from last year.”

John lived for 80 years, but was only one month old when he died!

Anticipation of death made him a better soul and helped him live better. He could break through all the shackles of ego, pride and selfishness and live happily. Only then was he able to make others happy!

That’s the power of Anticipation.




18 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Anticipation

  1. It was beautiful.. The easy way you wrote took me hundred miles away.I loved it.i never knew that death can be much more than just tears in segregation.. Thanks for sharing

  2. Beautiful!!!!! Para “Bye Love … really touched me. This shows how true a love can be and has a power liberty in itself. About living a life for a 1 month I think happy endings & realization of happiness is important, No matter how many days!!!…Thanks Aditi

  3. What broke my heart was the last line – When you feel you are ready to come to me, please be sure to donate this house to the Old Age Home we eloped from last year.
    It hit me real hard.
    A wonderful piece. I loved this write-up. ❤

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