My 2nd Experience with Uber


Well, after reading my frustration about my first experience with Uber many of my friends said that they had a very good experience with this cab service. So i though of giving Uber a second chance.

Today, we had to travel from Borivali to Thane and i chose Uber over Ola. The app said that the car will arrive in 8 mins. We waited for a while and i checked the app again to see where the cab had reached and it was said 6 mins still which was unlikely because we had already waited for more than 5 mins.

So i called up the driver to check his whereabouts. And can you guess what he told me?? He said he was having tea at home and havent left yet. I was amazed!! Though i was really annoyed i didnt want to starve him so i just requested assertively to hurry up. Another 10 mins passed and the app still showed 6 mins. 👹

I was fuming by now because i had my family with me waiting by the roadside for cab to arrive. I called him up again to check and fortunately he had atleast left! Huh… he was not able to follow the GPS route to arrive at the pickup location so I was helping him with directions. I am not sure whether he chose to act dumb or whether he really was. I was going on telling him landmarks but he was just not responding if he was following the directions. He failed to provide any logical landmarks around him and would only say “madam yaha ek atm.. yaha ek kirana ki dukan hai…blah blah blah…” I mean how on earth am i supposed to understand which atm and which kirana store he is at specially when in cities like Mumbai these things are available at every nook and corner! I had to repeatedly ask him where he is and what does he see around. After a very heated discussion i had to walk half a kilometer to where he stayed put and finally i got into the cab.

All in all, it took 30 mins for our pickup and finally the journey started. Thankfully there were no hindrances after that. His car was in a good condition and so were his driving skills.

I had mellowed down by the time we reached our deatination and thanked him for getting us there. This time, i was charged a reasonable fare, thankfully!!

While i may look like being on a spree for Uber shaming but unfortunately such experiences leave a lasting impression and that too not a good one!

After 2 rides of Uber i think it will never be a first choice for me again!

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