Welcome Winters with Toddy


I want to share this super amazing drink called ‘Toddy’. Sweet Tonic serves this exceptionally unique drink.

First of all, I liked the name itself because it is so similar to ‘Teddy’. Isnt a warm hug to that soft toy really nice and soothing? Well, Tody does exactly that!

It is basically an ‘out of the box’ kindda apple juice flavoured with some exciting ingredients. It is served with just right degree of warmness and it tantalizes your taste buds. The mixture of  cardamon, clove, cinmon, apple juice , honey and the special touch that Sweet Tonic adds to it makes this drink absolutely tempting. A sip of Toddy glides down the throat smoothly leaving behind a mild sting.

The USP is that this drink stands out from the clutter because it is a warm drink and way too different than the common tea and coffee varities and yet it is quite tasty. The ingredients chosen are just so that each one of it adds a taste of its own and gives your body a benefit or two.

Cinnamon – It can lower blood sugar levels, reduce heart disease risk factors, and has a plethora of other impressive health benefits.

Clove – The best natural antioxident which helps to cure sinusitis, cough and cold.

Honey – Heals the throat irritation and makes your skin beautiful

Apple juice – Apple has the adequate amount of pectin and fiber. Apple juice has the good amount of vitamin A, C and B6. Drinking a cup of apple juice means taking 10 different types of vitamins at a time. The juice also contains important minerals like calcium, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, manganese and iron

In the era of freakshakes and other sweetened drinks, Toddy is a blessing in disguise with ZERO unwanted calories.

Now isnt Toddy a power packed refreshing drink? A health drink that you can enjoy with friends and family  on a wintery evening or otherwise.

Welcome winters with Toddy! 🙂

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