A Visit To My Parents


Mumma's pet πŸ˜€

I visited my parents home today. A few things that made it really special

1) Train journey – Now you may ask whats so special about a train journey in Mumbai. Well, it actually made me really nostalgic. Walking down to my home from Dadar station was just so nice! Same shops, same road, same road vendors.. wow… a little makeover here and there.. some buildings demolished for redevelopment …and m talking about 7 years… not that i never went to my parents in 7 years but usually when me and my husband visit them we travel in car. So i had missed this small walk for a very long time now!

2) Celebration – We had a family function today. So it was super fun to catch up with my parents, grany and the extended family. Lot of laughter, lot of greetings and lot of fun.

3) Apple of mom’s eye – Now who doesnt love to be mom’s pet! The feeling of mom loves u a lot is just so warm and special. Cant make out if she loved me more when i was 3 or 33 πŸ™‚

4) Return with Goodies – Whenever i visit my parents home i always return with some goodies. Something like my favourite snack prepared by my mom, or some earring that mom randomly picked for me or a nice dress. Today i returned with lot of snacks. I can eat mom’s food for over a week! And the beat goody is the smile on mom & dad’s face!!

5) Words of Wisdom – However old i grow, i will always seek a piece of wisdom from my parents. It could be as simple as just they telling me “be good”Β  or “dont worry, everything will fall in place” or something like “may be you should think over it again, i dont think you have made the right decision.” but it is so important to hear it from them.

Feel good feeling that this visit brings is going to stay for a while now… but I am already excited to grab a chance at the next one!!

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