Unlock Happiness!


In spite of how much ever Facebook could be distracting, i really like it these days because of its feature called “See your memories”

Some pictures or posts and status pop up on my wall and just make my day. Here’s one such quote that Facebook greeted me with in memories section this morning.

You’ve got to dance like nobody’s watchin’
Love like you’ll never get hurt
Sing like nobody is hearing
And LIVE like there is heaven on earth

Amazing, isnt it? I stopped for a moment and thought over it. I mean do we really do it? Honestly, there’s never a single time that i have danced without feeling conscious or really indeed most of the times i reserve a portion of my affection just for the fear of hurting myself with the over expectations that come with over affection.

We often whine and crib about small things that go wrong. We carry the baggage of negative feelings so much so that  most of us do things because we are supposed to or because it is expected of us. The day we master to do things with a heart and will I am sure life will be more satisfying. You must unlock happiness and the key lies woth you!

I will take your leave with this thought for the day. Do what you like to do, enjoy, life is indeed beautiful!

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8 thoughts on “Unlock Happiness!

  1. we are conscious or alert most of the time. That thought itself create a pressure on our spirit. We don’t dance freely nor we love/sing or live, we are afraid of illusions of restrictions while we should be breaking the wall and get out to be free 🙂
    Have a good day Aditi 🙂

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