Monday Blues :(


Guys, it’s that day of the week which is the most boring day..yes, I am talking about Monday! For me Monday is the most difficult day and I am going to tell you why

  1. It is very hard to push yourself to work after two days of holiday
  2. Weekends are generally over utilized (parties, house chores, meeting friends, inviting relatives for lunches and dinners, marriages, birthday parties and the activity list just doesn’t end) so I really need a day off after the weekend to just rest but unfortunately, Monday has something else in store… L
  3. Mood swings – I get maximum mood swings on Monday mornings – ranging from bored, bugged, tired, angry, irritated basically, all negative emotions.
  4. Things evidently go wrong on Monday mornings. In my case it will range from – waste of milk because of over boiling, no salt in the vegetable I cook, missing office bus, no good formals to wear, stinker emails, fight with an auto driver and many more

While I try and tell myself that Monday is not so bad, it doesn’t prove to be any better. While I complete this post, I am glad half of Monday is passed by! Hoping for a better reaming half!

Mondays can be good if:

  1. You are officially allowed to report late at work
  2. You receive a news that makes you happy – something like, parents visiting you, old friend calls up
  3. You have a friend who just cracks you up
  4. You tune in to the radio and they play your favorite song
  5. And last but not the least – You are on a VACATION!!!

Since none of these has happened to me today, I am still bugged and low spirited. How do you guys pep up on Mondays?

8 thoughts on “Monday Blues :(

  1. I hate Mondays from the bottom of my heart. i accept Monday only if it is my Birthday. but no other excuse at all. Boring Monday gives its feeling from the Sunday evenings itself. 😦 sad but true!

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