I Am Back!!!!


I had sort of vanished from WordPress last month. Well, not exactly, because I did read most of the blogs that my blogger friends published and I was pretty active on comments as well (talkative me!) but it’s been a very very long time that I wrote something.

My stats show that I have not made a single post in Aug and I did my first post of Sep today when we are almost at the end of the month. Well, that’s really a dip! There was so much to write during this time. I wanted to write something about my mom, I wanted to write about Ganpati festival and there were so many prompts that I wanted to write about but, well, for whatever reason I didn’t write anything. There were some challenges that Savio, Pooja and Nikhil had nominated me for (which are probably older than a month now!) Actually I wrote lot of stuff in my mind but it never made to the WordPress  🙂

The good part of this disappearance is that I actually had a few people coming to me and asking why I haven’t posted anything of late. I was so happy that they follow my blog! And well, let me tell you, those people were not WordPress co-bloggers or my close friends and it feels nice that people are connected to me and my writing!!!

But now I am back and I am gonna try and write more frequently because if I stop writing, I am giving up my dream of writing a book (some day!)

What do you guys do to make a comeback to writing?

17 thoughts on “I Am Back!!!!

  1. I have also not written for the past two weeks and feel a bit down. I couldn’t write on my own blogs because I was busy with a heavy workload and the kids exam. Making a comeback is kinda tough. I dunno about others, but I feel kinda empty right now. It would be nice to be part of a support group of writers. You know, people who can encourage you to get re-started, but then I am wishing for too much.

      • In my case, I feel it is nothing but poor health and inability to manage time properly. Also a lot of distractions. I was reading those vampire stories recently. Wish I could be like one (not the blood sucking part of course). But those creatures are tireless, intelligent, productive, and never sleep. 🙂

  2. Oh Aditi! if you ask me what to do in order to keep writing? I will suggest that no matter you write on wordpress or not on wordpress but make sure you write. Whatever! just a random thought, a thing which you see, observe around you. I have also kept a dairy for myself. in case my laptop is not available or I am bored to even open my laptop, I write in my dairy. I feel so good when even today I write like a writer in purana jamana style.

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