Drunken Oreo Madness

How many of you are dessert lovers? For someone who likes Oreo, this dessert is totally irresistible. How much ever you want to control consuming calories, you are not going to be able to not lick it all once you merely see this dessert presented to you

I enjoyed the treat twice and it was absolutely a sinful experience. Do drop in to this amazing place, these guys serve lot of variety

They are called Sweet Tonic and are located at Borivali (W), Mumbai


Oreo MadnessPresenting a heavenly treat for all the Oreo lovers! A jar full of Oreo Magic will take you straight to heaven. Call it a shake, call it a smoothie or call it any name you like, but we guarantee that you will be left with no words once you have a spoonful of this madness.

A jar full of Oreo smoothie topped with a mountain of whipped cream, garnished with Oreo biscuits crumble will make you fall in love at first sight and we bet that you would want to dunk yourself into this smoothie.

This is no ordinary smoothie which will taste like a blended flavoured milk. What we provide is grainy texture of smoothie which will confuse you if you are eating Oreo biscuits or drinking Oreo shake. Moderately sweet, this drink is sure to make you go bonkers.

We pour in so much madness into this drink…

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16 thoughts on “Drunken Oreo Madness

      • wish i could.. but trust me i can cheat only when i am not in my senses..
        this post was awesome to the power infinity !! loved it ..<3

      • under trainee
        arrived on 22 this month
        after clearing the civil services 2015 in the second list .. SDPO Chandigarh UT

        remember my post “celebrating my failure” but later the good news i didnt shared because she might feel low ,, she also wanted to clear this exam..

      • will be there for 3 months with other cadre officers of all india services and then shift to SVPNPA @ hyd for the rest of the 15 months ..

        wish i could tell her

      • this civil services exam has taken the most imp . thing of my life and that is her, we met and later became really good friends , then realized that some feelings developed for er but this competition of UPSC came in between , I believe it will not make her happy… she still competes i believe which i never…i am happy that she follows my blog in a regular interval which is sufficient for me..

        i deserve this ignorance i presume… because i couldn’t understand her time and space logic.. i was scared of losing her… which finally i did !!

        but i believe god will create one special day when she will realize someone loved her with everything,,!!

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