The Triumph Over the Devil’s Eye – Part 5

Feeling Guilty

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“Hi sweetheart, how was your day? Had fun?” Gayatri asked Sayed very lovingly. She was happy that Sayed had gone out. She never liked him hovering around her because she could see that he has given up on his social outings and friends because of her. It made her feel guilty.

Sayed couldn’t understand whether Gayatri was sarcastic. However, he realized that he had not mentioned to her that he was going out with Nasreen specifically. Gayatri was sleeping when he had left, and he had instructed Kamla to just tell her that he has gone out with a friend. He trusted his maid on that.

“It was nice. But I missed you.” Half lied Sayed

“Aww..why??? It’s after ages that you stepped out, and why was your mind preoccupied with my thoughts?” countered Gayatri

“Come on Gayatri, you know I think about you 24/7”

“I know. And that is what I want to stop from happening. I am aware that there are days when I don’t recognize you at all. There are days when I act like a maniac. And you still keep me lovingly. I don’t want you to waste your life for me Sayed.”

“What’s wrong with you Gayu? Why are you on this guilt trip?”

“I don’t know. It’s not now. It’s been months that I have been thinking about this. I want to ask you something.”


“About my treatment”

“What about your treatment?”

“Sayed I want to stop the medication. I am bugged with it. And it doesn’t seem to help me much anyway”

“Okkk…. And what do you want to do?”

“I understand it can be very difficult for you to handle me if the medication is stopped. But I have a suggestion. I read on internet about a natural healing center in Kerala. They treat patients like me with the help of Reiki and meditation. Obviously they take a long time to show results but lot of patients have provided their testimonials about how good their experience was. See this….. here you will find all the information.” Said Gayatri, opening the website of health care center.

“Who gave you this clue?”



“Yes, Kamla told me about this and I just googled out of curiosity.”

“Gayatri are you nuts? Kamla is just a domestic help, how on earth can she guarantee about such places?”

“I understand Sayed, but Kamla told me something today which we have not known before. Kamla has a daughter. She suffered from hallucinations and her condition was something similar to mine. Kamla’s family believed that someone had performed black magic on her and that’s why she became like that. But nobody really knows for sure what the root cause was. Since they couldn’t afford elite doctors and treatment, they decided to try this medical center. It’s been 5 years now. Kamla’s daughter has fully recovered. Now she is studying in a municipal school. She is quite behind in academics because of the years she lost with this illness, but she is happy that she is leading a normal life now.” Gayatri was explaining to Sayed very intently.

“Don’t think about all these things Gayatri. It may work in one of a case but not always. People struggle to come to Mumbai for treatments and you want to go to some village to cure yourself?”

“But Sayed what’s the harm in trying it? We did try best of the treatments for almost 3 years now, didn’t we? It didn’t help me. We have lost so much money already. One more attempt with a different outlook. And there is nothing to lose really. Their cost is just bare minimum”

“We will talk about it some other time Gayatri. Come, let’s go off to sleep” said Sayed pulling Gayatri in his arms.

Nasreen was lying on her bed and was replaying the entire day in her mind. She was very happy and couldn’t stop smiling to herself thinking about the day that was well spent with Sayed.Then suddenly she sprang up to her feet and trudged to get her diary

“I need to throw some more charm over Sayed and I must think how to get rid of that insane Gayatri. I can have Sayed all to myself then.” Nasreen made a note in her diary, dated 14th July 2015.

To be continued………

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