Advance Haircut

Well, i am sure that for all the girls out there haircut is something really special. A haircut can make a girl look beautiful and at times can totally change her look.

If i turn back in time, i find the haircuts we had that time were so funny… like sadhana cut, blunt cut and u cut… thats it.. and now? My my… so many types of haircut. And these days if you go to a salon you come across something called as Adavance Haircut.

I cant resist the temptation of sharing what happened with me when i opted for an Advance haircut.

Well.. to begin with i have extremely straight hair and they are quite thin. So i can never experiment much with my hair beyond a layer cut. So Advance cut for me would imply something in extention to layer cut only. Ok.. so this evening i went to the Radiance Salon. I was expecting that the experience would be extremely satisfying since it has a good repute and its a chain of salons.

I was warmly greeted by the hair stylist and she was quite prompt to suggest that i should opt for an advance haircut. She explained all the points very professionally as to why i must choose an advance cut over the normal one. She said it will make my hair look volumenous and it will be cut only according to what would suit my face. She further said that in a normal cut, she would just trim my hair as it is without any specifications about whether it suits my face or no. Her suggestion sounded quite promising so i agreed.

45mins of haircut and about 5 mins of blow dry and she proudly held a mirror behind me to show how my hair looked from behind.

What do i see? I was wondering what happened to the advance cut that she was supposed to do? I observed my hair more carefully and i was actually thinking whether she cut any hair in the first place, because, they looked just the same to me, except for the fringe which was made a little shorter. I looked around to see if there are any hair that had fallen down (that is provided she has cut some) and i saw some centimeters of hair there.. LOL…

Ok.. that means she did cut SOME hair. Hahaha… i was not at all happy with what she had done under the name of an advance cut simply because it didnt look anything different. My inner voice was screaming ” you #$@!% wtf did you do u do with my hair for 45 mins and for what are you going to charge me??” But because i am quite polite i didnt say a word, made the payment and left.

Needless to say that none of my family members made out that i had a haircut so i decided to keep mum about it 😁

I couldnt stop laughing at myself. It reminded me of a short video i had watched couple of days ago. Do watch this video and have fun!!!!

Haircut – A short film

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