The Profound Truth & Illusion of Life (Blogger Marathon Challenge – Day 6)


Life – the word itself sounds so heavy! Just imagine the burden when everything is going wrong… they always say that everything happens for a reason or that whatever happens, happens for the best. But probably at times even God is unable to explain the goodness of a particular misfortune!

If you come to think about it, life may not be that bad also if there is someone who stands by you in everything that goes wrong. But just imagine the hollow feeling when there is no one whom you can call up and tell that you were almost dead because a car could have bumped in to you. Imagine the pain that you would feel when you are lying sick in your bed and there is no one who comes and asks you if you are feeling better! Imagine the emptiness when everybody around you is busy with their loved ones and you are sitting at home doing nothing – or rather drowning more deep in the memories of your long lost love! Imagine the courage that is required to accept the fact that the person for whom you were once the whole world feels absolutely nothing for you! Imagine the agony that you would feel when that person walks out of your life, for no reason. Just imagine how shattered would you feel to remember all those promises that you had made to each other and to realize that they mean nothing now! Just imagine the loss you might feel when you realize that there is no one who can ever fill that special place in your heart any more! Just imagine that horrifying loneliness!!! But that’s the profound truth of life, my dear friend! Yes, you will always be lonely!!! Always!! And the more you feel like being with someone, the lonelier you’ll get!

They say that time is the best healer! What do they know that some things heal only with death! Even if you decide one day that lets be optimistic and try to look at then new hues of life, then life could be interesting, but the question is for how long?? Very soon you would realize that that you are really not approving the belief that you have made as the foundation of your life. Imagine the feeling of insecurity that you would get to realize that the very foundation of your life is going to collapse! Still you try and buck up. You program yourself to accept that you have to move on, although you are really not interested. Life goes on! A time comes when even you feel that water has passed under the bridge and you indeed have moved on! This is exactly where the illusion peeks in to your life. Over the time you become almost a machine by killing your feelings in the name of being practical. A time comes when you feel that God has been kind enough to use the magic wand and bless you with love again.

All of a sudden the life becomes colorful! You notice the birds humming and flowers blooming and the sun shining. Not that it never happened when u were alone! It’s just that you never noticed these things when you were a machine! All of a sudden the same things start holding a different meaning all together! All of a sudden you find yourself pleased to feel that sense of belonging! Wow.. what an illusion… can life be more beautiful?? And there you are – equally suddenly you realize that things are not what u thought they were!!! Just imagine the shock you would feel to realize that you were living in the world of illusion!!! And you are back to Square One seeking the Profound Truth of life – Loneliness!

It does not necessarily mean that you find no love! You can find lot of love if you give some. But, Life is your own battle and you have to fight all alone. Your parents, friends, lover, spouse are not going to be with you forever – that’s a bitter truth but even if you are all alone you just have to continue fighting. Lot of times you may come across such difficult situations where nobody wants to help you out, not even your closest person, and that’s when the Profound Truth sets in. The truth is YOU are alone. Others are just a medium to keep you going, but they will leave you someday. Be smart to gather such mediums and keep yourself full with this kind of support to keep jumping on the stepping stones to reach the REAL YOU.  YOU have to stand up for yourself. YOU have to believe in yourself. Its all about YOU!

That’s life, my dear friend!!! The truth is “you are the only one for yourself” and the illusion is “Someone Somewhere is made for you!”

6 thoughts on “The Profound Truth & Illusion of Life (Blogger Marathon Challenge – Day 6)

  1. Hi Aditi!

    A couple of months ago you asked me for my latest book —

    As it is not available in India, would you please contact me via
    I’d love to send it to you personally, if you like 🙂

    (Feel free to delete this comment then 😉 )

    Fondest regards,
    Micah 🙂

    • Hey… nice to hear from u! I would love to receive a copy of ur book. I have some questions though… 1) How can i pay you? 2) what would be the cost of the book including shipping or delivery charges

      • As I consider you a dear friend and supporter of mine, there won’t be no charge for you and the book will be free absolutely — just leave me your email address and I’ll send you an ebook copy, if that’s fine for you 🙂

  2. Great to read few of your posts. i especially liked the one where you mentioned about thanking God and the other also where you explained the need to say No. 🙂

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