No! (Blogger Marathon Challenge – Day5)


NO is such a negative word and you all must be thinking why did i choose it write about. Well, my idea is to highlight the importance of a NO in our life and to seek some positivity out of this ridiculously negative word.

Lets be honest, who all amongst us do not like to take a NO for their request, demand or a comand? Nobody, right? And its quite natural though! But what we must understand here is that NO is a part and parcel of our life. You cannot control  a NO coming from someone but what you can control is your reaction to that NO instead.

These days kids are pampered so much that they rarely hear a NO from their parents for nothing. Such kids grow up with a belief that they MUST ALWAYS get what they ask for. And then they resort to throwing tantrums each time and every time they have to face a NO. One cannot put a blame on parents for developing this tendency in the child because no parent can teach something wrong. More importantly parents can teach you values only to a certain age after which you are on your own to learn or unlearn right behaviours. Some youngsters feed their ego with this NO and it manifests into a revenge.    All of us have seen or read about love smitten romeos who throw acid on the girl who does not accepts their love. How disgusting is that? Why cant they take a No from the girl they claim they love? This is a very extreme example but we come across so many situations in life when there is no option but to take a NO for example, a NO from parents for a bike, a NO from a friend for extending help, NO promotion, NO appreciation, NO success, NO satisfaction. And if we ponder over it, i think it makes sense to work towards an alternative or just accept that NO and move on to simplify  your life rather than throwing tantrums, acting difficult and making life miserable not only for yourself but for people around you too! I wonder what kind of satisfaction one must be deriving by destroying the peace in someone else’s life? Guys LEARN TO TAKE A NO. It does not make you any smaller, it helps you grow instead. A NO simply means that perhaps it is not the right time yet or you need to work a little harder for the same. Focus on your areas of improvement that grabbed you that NO rather than cursing the person who said it. Learn to see through the positivity hidden in this negative NO.

Second thought that I want to share is that it is equally important to say a NO when it is really required. Most of us hesitate to say a NO because we are afraid that it might potray us as ineeficient or we do not want to hurt the person who is making a request. It is a very common scenario in the corporate world that one is challenged to the maximum of his capacity yet he is willing to take on more reaponsibilities because he feels too intimidated to say  a NO. Dude, if you do that you are going to make your life hell. Why assume additional reaponsibilities when it is not feasible to complete them? Whats wrong if you are not a hero in your manager’s eyes? Its certainly ok to say a NO. Learn to say a NO in the right way and at the right time and it will make your life a lot easier. Had we all had the guts to say NO confidently,  there would be no mothers weeping for forcefully aborting the female foetus, there would be no women suffering from domestic violance, there would be no employess suffering from depression. Learn to say this negative word to bring in a lot of positivity in your life.

I hope, now we are quite familiar with this NO and we can take it and use it as the situation calls for!

Do share your thoughts about NO. Please dont say a NO to this 😛😉☺

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