Spirit Animal Award

Spirit Animal Award

I had been seeing fellow bloggers getting nominated for some or the other award and thought its still time for me! But, a couple of days ago Savio Paes noticed my blog and nominated me for my first ever wordpress award. Thank you Savio, this nomination is a great motivation to pursue blogging further!

Guys, you must pop in at Savios blog: https://theextraaamile.wordpress.com/. He shares great thoughts and has a very lucid style of writing. Good show Savio!

I would need to ahere to the following rules for this award:

#Thank the blogger who nominated you, and link back to their page.

# Post the award picture on your blog.

# Write a short paragraph about yourself and what your blog means to you.

# If you could be any animal, what would it be? Your Spirit Animal

# Pick and notify ten nominees.

Since I did abide by first two requirements, I will move on to the third one – something about me!

Well, I am an accountant by profession  and as raw and boring as my job may sound, I love doing debit credits and checking profit figures! This blog of mine came to existence way back in 2014 (if I recollect correctly) but the first post came from me only in Dec 2015. It was a miracle that I didn’t forget the username and password to my wordpress account, I think it was just meant to be! I have a passion for reading and writing ever since childhood. I had penned down my first poem when I was about 12 yrs old. Three children from my school were killed by a garbage dumper and I just could not bear the whole thing! All my feelings were vent out in the form of a poem which my school displayed as a tribute to the fellow students we had lost in that accident! I have jotted down many poems, short stories, essays etc after that but all of it always stayed closed in a book. Having pursued this hobby for a while, little did I realize that my personal and professional life has taken a toll over this virtue! I felt bad, but not enough to push myself back to writing. Months and years passed and I felt rusted. I had almost forgotten that I ever managed to write something interesting. One boring afternoon I was cleaning my cupboard and I found an old diary. The pages had turned yellow and it had a rustic smell. Yes, rustic smell – because it was my collection of write-ups that I had penned down many many years ago which were now rusted exactly like the passion and ability to write. That diary triggered the determination of going back to my hobby and that’s how it reminded me of an inactive account that I had with wordpress. And that’s how this blog started. Another (extremely personal) reason for putting up this blog is that now my husband is fed up with my constant chatter for past 7 years and hence I need to find new souls to bug! 🙂 Well, just kidding, he has been infact a great supporter and motivator to start writing again.

If I could be an animal, I would have loved to be a Tiger. What a beautiful and elegant that creture is! Tiger often represents rage and killing attribute but according to me no other animal has the elegance and beauty that tiger has! Some years ago my husband and I had been to Ranthambore forest for tiger sightings and the closest one (from an open jeep) that we saw was from a distance of 5 feet. It was such a thrilling experience! The tiger was sleeping peacefully in the shade of a huge tree. On another occasion, we waited at a waterbody in forest in anticipation of a tiger coming there to drink water. We waited patiently (and quietly) for one and half hours and then came a beautiful tigress! She appeared from bushesh in such a mystique manner and there she jumped into the lake for a good bath. WOW…. That gait and aura is unforgetable. And that’s the reason why I would like to be a Tiger.


A more selfish reason is that I got to know (thanks to the Discovery Channel) that Tigers sleep for 18 hrs a day! 🙂 😀 😉 Aahemmm… How comforting is that? I love to doze off and the normal humanly limit of 8 hrs sleep is just so insufficiant and insignificant!! I want to be a Tiger for sure!!!!

And now the nomination time!





Preeti Singh

Ajay Vyas



Through the Lense of my Life


Congratulations to all my blogger friends. Enjoy this award and keep posting! Do share the nomination and motivate other bloggers! 🙂









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