Earphones are my Best Buddies!

Earphones.PNGFor most of us a best friend means a person, but for me – earphones are my best buddies. The earphones can in no way replace my best friends who are humans, but yes, they can fill in the absence of my human best friends for sure!

As you grow old, the priorities change and friends take a back seat. It is more about career, family and other worldly important things and you can’t have the same chirpy, spontaneous and enthusiastic friendship that you once shared during school or college days. Well, there could be exceptions, but in most of the cases I believe that the place reserved for a “best friend” in one’s life will be a void. And this void does trouble you in some sense or the other!

For example – Back then if I was mad at something I would just call up my friend and blurt out all the frustration, but now, I can’t be so spontaneous all thanks to the changed priorities and lifestyles like my friend now stays in a different country in a different time zone or maybe I get so occupied with work and family that I just don’t find time to make that call! Then what do I do? I do need to vent out that frustration!!

I immediately grab my earphones, plug on my favorite songs and continue to work. And it has such a soothing effect on me! I have witnessed so many instances where there are so many things that I need to push out of my mind but I can’t tell it to anybody (reasons could be many – mother would feel worried, spouse may be judgmental, so called friends may laugh over it etc.) and I feel suffocated, then earphones come for my rescue.

I have cried silently so many times with earphones!

I have smiled and enjoyed the mood so many times with my earphones!

I have gone for a walk so many times with my earphones!

I have calmed down so many times because of my earphones!

I have slept so many times with my earphones on!

I have gained focus and concentration so many times because of my earphones!

Well, you may think how on earth earphones can help to focus and concentrate better. They do, for sure! For example, when I am working on something really important and I need to focus completely on the task I HAVE to have earphones on. It somehow stops my mind from wandering and thus I am able to focus completely on the task.

Also, earphones are a savior when you want to avoid unnecessary chatter around you. Just plug them in and you are disconnected from the stupid talks around you!

The earphones can be a secret agent as well! Well, not literally, but yes, if you put on earphones just like that with no music on you will hear what other people are talking about you assuming that you are not listening to them! 😀

So, earphones indeed support me in many ways like my best friend would! Hence I proudly call them my best buddies! ❤


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