Heart broken

Few days ago how happy I was
Everybody used to ask what the reason was
At that time I didn’t know what to say
But surely knew that some special thing made my day!

I cared for that thing a lot and treasured it in my heart
So that from it I’ll never have to part
At that time I was happy that ‘it’ will be with me till I die
But now I regret WHY?

Happy days flew away fast
I wonder how they took ‘it’ away from me
Today ‘it’ is the past
Because that thing anywhere I can’t see!

I tried searching it everywhere
But did not find it anywhere!

Although I have lost ‘it’, its memories are still alive in heart
But forgetting them I think I should start.

Today they are just fond memories
Arising lot of queries
For which I don’t have any answer
I think I am nothing but a LOSER!

Someone beside me please sit
And explain me why can’t I forget ‘it’
Why can’t I accept the fact
That I have actually lost ‘it’?

Today when I practically think about it
I realize that the thing was never mine
I wonder why I was so upset with loss of ‘it’

That which is not mine I cannot claim
And if I don’t get it, on others I can not put the blame

But even after thinking about it in a practical way,
I am still hopeful to get it back someday…
Will I ever be able to accept the truth – at least a little bit

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